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Exterior Plants in London

Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise) in London courtyard

Roof Gardens

Roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular in London. They can make a great place to escape for a break from the office A sheltered terrace with the right furniture and some nice planting can be used for meetings and entertaining as well as lunch and coffee Central London has a micro climate which allows the use of exotic plants which might not survive in other locations. Drought tolerant Mediterranean plants do particularly well.

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Terrace Planting

Small spaces such as terraces and courtyards can be planted up to brighten the view from inside. Make sure access is easy and be realistic about maintaining living plants. Even the toughest plants need frequent watering. This could be done by somebody in house or you can choose to rely on us to look after it.

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Large Plants or Small?

Big specimen plants such as mature olives or palms stretch the budget but can look fantastic in the right place. If your needs are on a smaller scale, such as a few pots of bright geraniums, or some assorted grasses, we'll be happy to provide.

Tree ferns in a roof garden in London SW6
Roof terrace planting in Baker Street,

A slightly shady terrace garden provides an ideal habitat for tree ferns and a wide variety of evergreen shrubs and perennial plants

Reflective planters on roof terrace overlooking the Thames in Battersea
Roof garden near Victoria, London

Mirrored steel planters worked so well in this penthouse overlooking the Thames.

Evergreen planting for a private London apartment terrace

Chiswick hotel exterior planting

Large palms and a Mediterranean planting scheme were used to landscape the exterior of this West London hotel

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