Indoor Plants in London

We offer a full indoor plants display service, using a wide selection of decorative planters as well as the full range of living plants available for interior use.

After making your choice of plants and planters you can purchase them outright and either look after them yourself or make use of our maintenance service.

Our maintenance of indoor plants is second to none and includes automatic replacement of plants falling below an acceptable standard.

We aim to provide a service which is free of headaches for the client, dealing with potential problems before they are even noticed.

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Plants in a custom built planter in a London Hotel

Rental of Indoor Plants

Rather than purchasing the plant displays outright there is always the option to rent them for a period of time. This avoids an initial outlay, spreading the cost over the agreed duration. This option includes full maintenance along with automatic replacements when needed.


Choice of Plants for your Workplace

Have a look at our gallery of indoor plants. All the photos were taken at clients premises. There are of course more to choose from, but the photos show some of the most popular office plants. The choice of pots and planters available is vast. We have access to all the major suppliers and can offer as wide a selection of containers as any of our competitors.

indoor plants for office

See our interior plants gallery here...

Kentia palms in London office

When you contact us, we can arrange a visit to discuss your needs. Conditions within your premises can be easily assessed so that suitable plant species are chosen. If you already have a maintenance service for your indoor plants which you are not happy with, please ask us for a quotation to take over this work. Don't worry about any hard sell. There isn't any.

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